Ways Student-Led Conferences Can Impact Your School

February 26, 2021

Parent-Teacher Conferences are a great way for parents and teachers to address student success and development, but one main factor is lacking: student participation. Student-led conferences are a growing trend. Here we will discuss some of the ways in which student-led conferences can impact your school.

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The Remedy? Student-Led Conferences

The idea is simple: students need to be active in discussions about their strengths, limitations, and aspirations to be engaged in their own learning and build a growth mindset. Student-led conferences foster an engagement and development culture in the school and ask students to play an active role in preparing their own learning.

What Are Student-Led Conferences?

A student-led conference is similar to a parent-teacher conference, except the student is present and in charge of leading the conversation.

  • The teacher serves as a dialogue facilitator.
  • The student introduces their work and leads the conversation.
  • Parents listen to their child and chat about his or her academic and social success and needs.

Student-led conferences may take a variety of different forms, but the functions remain the same. They encourage students to be part of the dialogue about their academic and social objectives and are an opportunity to explore how the teacher and parents will help the student succeed.

Boost Student Confidence

The advantages are remarkable for students and include accountability, self-reflection, goal-setting, and leadership abilities.

The learning process can be reframed by student-led conferences and children are invested in their own learning. Even less successful students will find something to show that they're proud of, and it gives every child a glimpse of their success in learning.

Students do not have this sense of obligation in the conventional parent-teacher meeting, and they do not have a voice in their own development towards learning. Student-led conferences allow them to focus on how far they have come, where they still need to learn, and what they are proud of.

Better Achievement For Students

Students must be involved in some way in order for a discussion of student progress to be appropriate, accurate, and complete. A perfect way to enhance this engagement is to have students lead a conference with parents or other important adults.

Students recognize they need to be actively interested in their own academic and social development when included in the discussion.

Students are isolated from input in the traditional parent-teacher conferences and do not always grasp big-picture objectives. Students gain useful input through student-led conferences and are leaders, taking responsibility for their own learning.

More Information For The Teachers

Almost every day, teachers see their students and have a clear sense of their academic strengths and weaknesses. Asking students to engage with their teachers and parents will provide new perspectives that make the teaching and learning experience more productive for teachers.

Student-led conferences open up a new dialogue between teachers and students. It gives an opportunity for the student to feedback on how they feel their learning has progressed and could be a useful time to set agreed goals.

Organising Student-Led Conferences

Depending on your school's layout, class size, and structure, there are several different ways to customize student-led conferences to the needs of your school.

Although some schools opt to have one-on-one meetings for student-led conferences, some schools have small group sessions with a few families. You can even organise a carousel type event and have different stations for parents and students to work round in the classroom.

Some schools host student-led conferences as an alternative to parent-teacher conferences, some host both at different times of the year. However, your school opts to do it, take the stress out of bookings with Eduzu.

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