Parent-Teacher Conferences

With Eduzu, teachers and parents can make and manage parent-teacher conferences bookings online.
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Parent-Teacher Conferences Online Booking System

Save time and paper, instant online bookings for your parents.

Key Features

Flexible Appointments

Set your appointment lengths, staff breaks and manually make changes to appointment schedules.

Personalised Experience

Parents only see and book appointments with the teachers who are available to them.

Personalised Diary

Staff and parent diaries are automatically updated with activities and events.

Intelligent Booking System

Our simple design makes it easy for parents to book appointments and our system prevents double bookings.

Student-Led Conferences

Eduzu is great for managing bookings for student-led conferences.

Online Meetings

Suitable for all types of parent-teacher conferences, including online meetings.
Parent-Teacher Conference
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Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parents' evenings, Parent-Teacher conferences; however it works at your school, take the stress out of bookings with Eduzu. 
Custom Appointment Times
Online Bookings & Changes
No Double Bookings
Automatically Updated Diaries

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