Extracurricular Activities

Eduzu helps schools manage their extracurricular activities. Regardless of how complicated your school activity programme might be, we’ve got you covered
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Extracurricular Activities Management Software

Eduzu helps teachers organise clubs, teams, school trips at the touch of a hand.

Key Features

Sign Up & Allocation

Eduzu offers two systems for sign up and allocation: smart preference or first come first serve. You can choose between them for parent booking and selections

Personalised Diary

Staff and parent diaries are automatically updated with activities and events.

Improve Safeguarding

Attendance registers and diaries are automatically updated, keeping students safe.

Sports Teams

Easily manage events for training, fixtures, tournaments and competitions.

External Coaches & Staff

Add accounts for external coaches who lead extracurricular activities.

Join Requests

Parents can request for their children to join activities throughout the term.
After School Club Sign Up
Parent Dashboard
Parent Teacher Conference

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Streamline Your School

We know how crazy it can get when signing up a classroom of kids for trips and extracurricular activities. We think your day will be better without spending hours looking at spreadsheets. Eduzu lets you organise activities instantly. Sign up forms are sent directly to parents. It’s automatic and it’s better for everyone.
Set Maximum and Minimum Numbers
Activities are only shown to those it is available for
Registers and diaries are automatically updated
Add external staff as users (such as coaches)
Improve safeguarding

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Extracurricular Activities

Events, Sports & Trips

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Parent Communication

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Payments & Finances

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